Celebrity Voiceover, or Not?

Sure,  the voice overs of Morgan Freeman or Cameron Diaz might add kudos to your next project, but does your budget stretch that far? The fact is, non-celebrity voice talent are equally able to deliver rich, dynamic voice overs that bring a product to life, and at a fraction of the price (see the full article at Voices.com)

Robot vs Human

Nothing beats a resonant, authentic and dynamic human voiceover – as this Financial Times podcast producer discovered after her foray into the world of robotic voices. We couldn’t agree more. Long live the real human voiceover!

Marks and Spencers New TV Campaign

One of our best Cantonese talents has just voiced the new M&S ‘Spend it Well’ TV global ad campaign. Cut to a version of David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel and with a strong ‘life’s too short’ message, we’re proud to have collaborated on such a high profile project.