Robot vs Human

Nothing beats a resonant, authentic and dynamic human voiceover – as this Financial Times podcast producer discovered after her foray into the world of robotic voices. We couldn’t agree more. Long live the real human voiceover!

Marks and Spencers New TV Campaign

One of our best Cantonese talents has just voiced the new M&S ‘Spend it Well’ TV global ad campaign. Cut to a version of David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel and with a strong ‘life’s too short’ message, we’re proud to have collaborated on such a high profile project.

The Voice of Big Brother

Well, this is one voice over artist who has struck gold. Marcus Bentley’s commentary has added drama and humour to the reality TV show Big Brother (UK version), since its launch in 2000.

Legal Speak

A good lawyer must also be a good public speaker, says this American Bar Association article about speaking in and out of court.  We couldn’t agree more.  Our ‘Voice Coaching Programs for Legal Professionals’ focus on the key vocal skills required to deliver a message with impact and authority.

The Power of Body Language

Incredibly, what you say accounts for only 7% of your overall communication. The rest is all the non-verbals like gesture, stance, presence etc – which is why we focus on them in our Gravitas Workshops and Voice and Presence coaching programs. 

Unique Voices for the Voiceless

‘Find your voice’ has a whole new meaning in the world of synthetic voice technology and scientist Rupal Patel is at the cutting edge of this field.  Her passion is voice, just like us, but whilst we are refining vocal techniques she is literally creating unique voices for the voiceless.